Move well, RideWell.

In these sessions I will analyze both you and your horse's movement to assess the biomechanics of your position and how we can improve your efficiency to meet your goals as a rider. For riders with pain or performance blocks, often the missing piece can be found in a positional analysis and corrective program.
These sessions aid in enhancing performance, decreasing rider pain (and rehabbing injury) as well as improving your horse's performance and correcting their pain points along the way.


You're an athlete too...

Using my background in exercise science and athletic development- I can assist you in developing a fitness program that best suits your needs as a riding athlete. These services can be include:

  • one on one personal training

  • group fitness sessions

  • program design for you to follow on your own time. 

  • online classes and sessions

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Qualified and Specialized Rehab

Injuries and pain happen. I am a fully certified Athletic Therapist with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to rehabilitating injuries and managing long term pain. I've spent the majority of my career working with riders of all sorts, and as a rider myself- I know what works when it comes to rehabbing injuries and getting back into the tack.

Sessions Include:

  • Injury Consultation

  • Exercise Based Rehab

  • Manual Therapies (bodywork, deep tissue release, myofascial cupping)

  • Somatic therapies (breathwork, guided somatic exploration, mindfulness)


Available throughout Canada and beyond..

I frequently work with barns and organizations to offer clinics and workshops to groups of riders. I travel often through central and western Canada (MB, ON, SK, AB, BC) for clinics and am open to offers from other locations. 

Clinics can include: 

  • Biomechanics Analysis, 1:1 or small group sessions and group lectures

  • Workshops on Rider Health topics, Injury Rehab, Biomechanics, Fitness and Athletic Development