Building Better Athletes

As a certified athletic therapist, somatic therapist and performance coach- I help riders of all kinds develop themselves as athletes and as human beings. My expertise includes: biomechanics analysis, injury rehab, somatic breathwork and awareness practices and mindfulness for rider and horse. I help riders from grassroots to professional improve their equitation efficiency, recover, eliminate pain and enhance their performance.



I believe in a big picture approach to all things related to biomechanics, injury rehabilitation, cross training, rider fitness, and performance coaching. I know the power of our mind on our physical abilities, and how our biomechanics impact our horse's movement. It's all connected. In order to be successful as a rider we first have to develop our internal awareness- rebuilding our ride and our relationship to ourselves and our horse's along the way.



What I Do

My home base is in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I work with riders both on and off horse across the country both in person and online. I routinely travel across western Canada for individuals and groups, and when I'm not traveling, the majority of my services are accessible virtually. My services include: on and off horse biomechanics analysis, cross training programs, performance consulting, injury rehabilitation and somatic awareness for riding athletes.

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Riding Shouldn't Hurt

I am a certified athletic therapist as well as a rider myself. I work with riders that have experienced acute injuries as well as old tensions, pains and stress/anxiety related to their riding (or just life)!

I have additional training as a trauma informed somatic therapist. This means that I frequently work with those experiencing chronic stress, anxiety, PTSD or other trauma related symptoms. 

If you're experiencing an injury or mental block and want expert guidance, I can help. 


Enhance your efficiency and awareness

Always stuck being told the same equitation cues by your coach? Repeating bad habits or soundness issues in your horse? Performance ruts? Your horse is rarely the problem. Your movement, position, and biomechanics are a large part of how your horse moves- by closely analysing your biomechanics and improving your efficiency we can rebuild your ride for the better.



Personalized and professional

Riders are athletes too. My extensive background and training in human movement and exercise science allows me to design cross training programs tailored specifically to you as a rider.

Whether it's a detailed training program, a personalized recovery plan, workouts, or a larger scale athlete development project, I know what works, common problem spots, and exactly what you need on and off the horse as an athlete. 


What my clients are saying:

B. PayJack, BP Sport Horses

I have been having regular sessions for a few months now and I cannot express fully how grateful I am to Kathlyn for her expertise and strong intuitive guidance. Since starting, I have had less pain, a better connection and deeper understanding of my posture and the ability to translate that to my horses is obvious. I have better control in the saddle and feel comfortable and consistent while riding multiple horses every day. She has been a great addition to my program whether it be with my competition horses, my horses in for training or with my students. Becoming a more effective rider through position should be on the top of every riders priorities. We are very lucky to be able to have access her knowledge. I highly recommend adding her to your program no matter what discipline you ride or what your goals are.




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