Virtual On Horse Session

Virtual On Horse Session


Unable to make an in person session with Kat due to distance or other restrictions? Here's the next best option. 


Here's how it works: 


Purchase your lesson here or by emailing directly. 


Submit a video via email of you riding through all gaits functional to you, and of any specific tast you would like assessed. 


You will receive a recording in return of Kat's verbal notes around her analysis of your ride, as well as access to videos of specific exercises recommended to assist with Kat's analysis. 


Altenertavely a video conferece can be arranged to go over notes. 

  • Video Details

    Video's should either be no longer that 30min in length or broken into smaller files to be emailed. 

    Video quality should be good enough for Kat to see details of your movement- doesn't need to be perfect, but please use common sense. 

    Uploading your video file through google or vimeo and simply sharing the link via email may be the simplest option. 

    Turnaround time on analysis will be within 7 days.