Quick posting trot analysis

The angle most of us don’t want to get caught in in pictures 😬

On the LEFT we see my obvious weaker side hip wise. Not only am I struggling to engage and push my hips forward, my head is poking forward and shoulders are rounding- suggesting a total body compensation for my pelvis misalignment. I’m essentially tossing my body weight forwards and hoping for the best 🤦🏼‍♀️

On the RIGHT we see my stronger side hip wise. I’m comfortably demonstrating glute engagement and pushing my hips up and forward through a hinge, and my upper body is a better alignment overall.

Your body is excellent at getting sh💥 done- but that doesn’t mean it’s doing the best job. Each part connects to another. Your ankle dysfunction is likely why your neck is tight and your hips weaknesses are definitely causing your position problems.

Questions in the comments!

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