Lower body compensations and tail swishes

This rider presented with a recurring history of pain and dysfunction in their lower body and at our first riding assessment we saw the above

Tendency was to compensate through the left side (note rotated outwards position and “lean” into to the pinky side of the foot in the stirrups..) of the body and no surprise (to me anyway) her horse had a stiffness and lack of balance on his left rein too.

Our 🐎 is our mirror!

As the rider attempts to use her left aids, her centre of gravity shifts forwards and to the right to try and compensate for faulty movement patterns in the riders body... the horse is forced to stiffen his left side front end in order to brace and balance his centre of gravity.. disallowing proper fluid movement in them both. Pay attention to the tail swishes too!

Once you’re aware of it- we can fix it.

Initial goals? Rooting down through the feet in the stirrups, into the mid foot and big toe (yes... your feet are more then just passive props in the stirrups!!!) and then engaging the hips and opening the posture. Within 30min the rider was noting a smoother, more stable ride... and the horse was beginning to balance and open through his body.

If your ride hurts, feels draining, or is stuck in a rut... you need to take a 👀 at what may be causing your dysfunction.

Step up into awareness and there is no limit on your potential 🤓

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