Building Better Equestrians

This apprenticeship has been designed to mentor and educate existing riding coaches and curious riders on methods of assessing and coaching equestrian biomechanics, body awareness and somatics. The RideWell Method may also be valuable to the healthcare practitioner or physical wellness provider (physio/athletic therapists, personal trainers, etc) who work frequently with equestrian athlete and would like to build a functional, holistic approach to their offerings. 

This apprenticeship is offered both virtually as a self-paced program as well as via immersion courses. The total apprenticeship is equivalent to approximately 100hrs of structured training and course work. Those who complete this apprenticeship will gain valuable insight on their own physical and somatic awareness as it relates to their riding as well as the ability to facilitate awareness and change for others in their riding community. 

Skills taught in this apprenticeship include: 

  • Assessing biomechanics and postural function in riding athletes

  • Correcting and coaching common biomechanics inefficiencies and postural dysfunction. 

  • Body awareness practices for riding athletes. 

  • Mounted and unmounted assessment and corrective tools

  • Cross-training guidance and necessities for high performance goals.

  • Impact of biomechanics on equine performance. 

  • Goal setting practices

  • Connecting mind and body

  • Movement based tools for facilitating change

  • Athlete development education

  • Understanding the human nervous system and it's impacts on movement and expression

  • Methods for working with anxious riders, riders with chronic pain, riders returning from injury, and other "complex" cases

  • Much more.. 

The RideWell Method Apprenticeship is divided into three modules. 

Module 1: Understanding Biomechanics and Awareness

Module 2: Somatic Applications for Equestrian Athletes

Module 3: Coaching the Whole Athlete

Each module is compiled of 20-30hrs of coursework with direct applications to all levels, disciplines and goals. When done virtually each module is completed in sections with 1:1 meetings throughout with Kathlyn, founder of the method, readings, exercises and meaningful home work to guide self study. In-person 3-day immersions are the alternative to the virtual, self study and are facilitated in small-group format at various locations. 

To express interest and learn more about the apprenticeship, please email